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Data science and analytics have become the latest “IT topic” career-wise—almost all companies are transiting towards data-driven decision-making and management. Talent recruitment for such functions has thus sprouted across all industry verticals. Get first-hand insights from our mentors who currently work in data-related positions from banks, accounting firms, consumer-goods conglomerates, and insurance companies, etc.


In today’s tech-driven economy, skilled programmers have become rock stars. Yet, landing a dream job in Silicon Valley is not solely dependent on your technical profile. Employers also assess your soft skills, especially communication abilities in an English-speaking environment. Our mentors can enhance your networking and interview skills to make you a well-round candidate.


Knowing how competitive it is to break into Wall Street, our investment banking mentors (with Bulge Bracket and boutique experience) can help you prepare ahead to increase your chances of getting an offer. Whether your interest is in IBD, equity research, sales & trading, quant, risk, investment management or technology, we have it covered.


Getting into a Big Four firm is undoubtedly the dream of many accounting students. We have mentors across audit, tax, advisory, corporate finance, actuarial and technology consulting practices from Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG, who were admitted into the Big Four via diverse paths, including those with non-target school and non-accounting discipline backgrounds.


Consulting is a high-demand career choice among not only business school but also STEM and liberal arts students. There is no “typical” candidate for consulting. Therefore, connecting with an insider who has a similar background will greatly help you navigate your path to a consulting career. Other than management consulting, economic and technology streams also have prominent career outlooks and are becoming increasingly competitive.


Marketing requires mastery of the local language and consumer habits of which international students do not have a natural advantage. Whether your interest is in digital, product, research or analytics, our mentors can help you better utilize your strengths in your job search process.


Actuary is a highly specialized profession for which international students usually have a strong advantage. Other than actuarial exams and technical capabilities, you will learn what it takes to get an offer from the top actuarial and insurance companies by speaking directly with our mentors working in Towers Watson, AON, and AIG, etc.


In addition to investment banking, we also help mentees champion their job search processes in private equity, asset management, venture capital and corporate finance directions. We have mentors from Fortune 500 companies, leading asset management firms (e.g., Blackrock and State Street), and regional and local funds.


DreambigCareer has a vast mentor network of more than 1,000 professionals across U.S., Canada, U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and Mainland China. Most mentors were once international students who understand perfectly the challenges of job hunting abroad. Besides the listed 8 career tracks, we also have mentors in niche professions like pharmaceutical, supply chain management, legal, and non-profit areas.


Step 1 - Résumé

We help you refine your résumé and we handle the application on our side.

Having SunnyFuture Career help me find a job out of university was the best decision I ever made. They never pressured me into taking a job I didn’t want, and followed my job preferences when organizing interviews for me. They cover the process of job application and matching, and help filter unnecessary messages etc.; thus they keep supporting you along the way. Would 100% recommend using their service. Big shout-out to Judy who helped me along the way.

—— Eric Lee

AI Driven

Through our intelligent résumé matching system, you will be matched with the most suitable interview opportunities in the job market based on the skills and experience mentioned in your résumé.

Time Saving

No need to send out applications day after day! Most of the open job opportunities in the job market go unnoticed after applying, and applying for jobs every day is a waste of your time, almost always.


No more refusal letters along the lines of “Thank you for your application.”, “…carefully reviewed.”, “We will keep your resume in our database.”, “We encourage you to keep applying for our further positions.” etc., which DO NOT help you at all.


Each interview opportunity we provide is accompanied by detailed job description and information about the company, which allows you to better understand the position and the company so that you are well prepared for the interview.


Just provide your availability, and your personal consultant will communicate with the employee directly to arrange the time and mode of interview as per your preference.


Once the time of interview, the mode and other relevant interview details are confirmed, our consultant will send the confirmation information to you as soon as possible; all you need to do is attend the interview.

Step 2 - Interviews

We bring job opportunities directly to you with specific details.

I had a great experience with SunnyFuture Career. The first person, Vivian, I spoke to was warm and friendly, and conveyed that she cared about me and was working on my behalf. Unselfishly, she passed my résumé on to a co-worker who was also excellent. Ultimately, he managed to position me with a number of interviews, which eventually have led to potentially the most exciting opportunity of my career. I couldn't be happier. Great job all around!

—— Ryan Watson

Step 3 - Follow-Up

We assist you all way along the interview process.

The biggest gain from SunnyFuture Career is that it made me understand that my real strength is actually my observation skills and enabled me to subtly resolve problems in situations that I am not familiar with. The mentors taught me how to prepare in terms of behavior and technical topics, and show my potentiality and consistency with my previous projects. The concern and help they extended to me made me feel that they are not just a career consulting company, they are a family!

—— Krupali Gandhi


Before successfully receiving the offer, it usually takes an average of 2-4 rounds of interviews, we will follow up after each round of interviews and arrange the details of the next round of interviews.


Some employers ask to see some previously completed projects or work during the interview process; it could be your previous project/work, or, at times, they may set a new one for you to complete. Regardless of which, we will assist you to follow up with the employer during this work.


Until you successfully receive the offer, our consultants will handle all the time-consuming communication arrangements for you to confirm the details. You can use JD to fully focus on preparing for your upcoming interviews.


The offer received after a series of excellent interview performances should reflect a competitive salary, which is the premise of your entry. Our consultant will provide you with reasonable suggestions based on the salary data of all our clients.


In addition to the basic salary, many employers will provide you with other benefits, such as some medical and dental insurance benefits, performance-linked year-end bonuses, pension savings plan benefits and many other benefits.


Employers provide new employees with at least 2–3 weeks of paid vacation each year, and as the number of years of employment for the employer increases, the duration of the annual paid vacation also increases.

Step 4 - Offer

We help you secure the dream job offer with a great package.

Not possessing an internship got me into all kinds of troubles when looking for a job. By chance, I went to SunnyFuture Career for evaluation, and SFC helped me find an experienced consultant during the whole process of job seeking; they are very enthusiastic and responsible. For example, they provide useful advice in interview preparation, dress code, onboard filing etc. Really appreciate the professional service they provide!

—— Parth Singh