Our Program

A series of 1-on-1 consultations customized to your career plan,
with multiple mentors providing you a holistic perspective to the industry


VIP Web Program

VIP Career Program


Job Placement Included


  • Web Course: From Newcomer to Master
    Introduction to Programming
    Full-Stack Web Develpoment
    Agile Development and Management
    Shape skills with Project
  • Professional Career Consultation
    Profile Assessment&Career Insights&Application Strategy
  • Profile Elevation
    Resume/Cover Letter/Profile Revision
    Follow-up/Networking Email Coaching
  • Professional Skill Perfection
    Design Customized skill set based on clients' background and perspective
    Strengthen Technical skills with guidance and practice
  • Interview Preparation & Simulation
    Call Interview Coaching
    Onsite Interview 1: Topic Selection & Self-Introduction Preparation
    Onsite Interview 2: Behavior Questions & Technical Questions
    Onsite Interview 3: Strain Capacity & Questions Preparation
    Mock Interview
  • Job Application
    Apply for Relevant Internship
    Apply for Relevant Job Oppotunity
    Referral Oppotunity from Mentors
  • Customer Service
    WeChat 24/7 Consulting Service
    Efficient Feedback for Call/Email Customer Service
  • Pre-Employment Consultation
    Company and Position Assessment
    Networking Coaching in Working Environment
    Technical Skills Coaching
  • Other Consultation
    Visa Consultation
    Immigration Consultation